2019 GDA Turkey Shoot event!

Samantha Shoesmith/Jayce Asquez (Runners-Up)& Roy Asquez/Adam Roche (Winners)

GDA says farewell to 2019 with the annual Turkey Shoot.

The George Federico Darts Hall at the Europa Stadium hosted the final tournament of 2019 last night, the Annual Turkey Shoot!

Only 12 players turned up due to clashes with popular football events but those who did had a great time and the tournament was played in a jovial atmosphere.

This tournament is played as “blind pairs”, i.e. the pairs are drawn at random. They were;

Charles Borastero & Desmond Cunningham
Roy Asquez & Adam Roche
Jarvis Bautista & Brian Shoesmith
Jayce Asquez & Samantha Shoesmith
Carlos Muñoz & Darren Olivero
Justin Hewitt & Helen Olivero

The initial matches were close affairs with Charlie / Desmond beating Justin / Helen 2-1 & Jayce / Samantha beating Carlos / Darren 2-1.

Charlie / Desmond were then defeated 2-0 by Jayce / Samantha while Roy / Adam managed to beat Jarvis / Brian 2-1.


Roy won the all important throw for the Bull, the short “best of 3” format making this a distinct advantage. They were able to keep ahead on the scoring and Roy secured the first leg with a D10 leaving the other pair trailing on 163.

The 2nd leg also saw Roy / Adam staying ahead but a number of missed doubles allowed Jayce / Samantha to close the gap and leave themselves with 112. Roy again took out D10, taking the win.

The four finalists were each presented with a Turkey, which I’m sure will be heartily consumed on Christmas Day.

The Gibraltar Darts Association takes this opportunity to wish all our members, sponsors & supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

180’s: None reported
High Finish’s: None reported

Congratulations to Roy Asquez / Adam Roche, commiserations to Jayce Asquez / Samantha Shoesmith.