Annual General Meeting 2020


17th August 2020

Dear Member,

The Gibraltar Darts Association Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th August 2020 at 7pm. The venue will be the Europa Stadium Terrace to the south of the main seating area. All members are encouraged to attend and vote on the proposals and elect the Committee for the following season.

All persons attending will be required to sanitise their hands upon entering. The wearing of masks is encouraged.

The agenda is below.


Wednesday 26th August 2020 @ 1900hrs, Europa Stadium Terrace

  1. President’s report
  2. Treasurer’s report
  3. Election of GDA President;

Dylan Duo proposed by Joseph Sanchez 2nd by Joe Lima Antony Lopez proposed by Tony Dawkins, 2nd by Alex Nunez.

4. Election of GDA Treasurer;

George Federico proposed by Kevin O’Callaghan 2nd by Darren Olivero

  1. Election of four other committee members. The following have been proposed;

    Jayce Asquez proposed by Harry Parody 2nd by Jimmy Parody.
    Nicholas Cumbo proposed by Roy Asquez 2nd by Justin Hewitt.
    John Duo proposed by Nicholai Bado 2nd by Justin Hewitt.
    Alex Nunez proposed by Darren Olivero 2nd by Tony Dawkins.
    Joseph Sanchez proposed by Dylan Duo 2nd by Nicholas Cumbo.
    Justin Stagno proposed by Nicholas Cumbo 2nd by Dylan Duo.


PROPOSAL 1 – Proposed by Darren Olivero, 2nd by Tony Dawkins.
That the GDA adopt the Code of Conduct as detailed in Appendix 1.

PROPOSAL 2 – Proposed by Roy Asquez, 2nd by Dylan Duo
Proposal for all clubs or venues to be checked accordingly to ensure that they are up to standard in regards to darting equipment and setup.

PROPOSAL 3 – Proposed by Justin Broton, 2nd by Dyson Parody.
That all voting for Committee Members and proposals at a General Meeting be carried out by secret ballot. Amend Sec 20.6 of Constitution accordingly.


CONSENSUS PROPOSAL 1 – Proposed by Tony Dawkins 2nd by Darren Olivero.

That the top 4 players in the rankings automatically qualify to represent Gibraltar in the WDF World / Europe Cup, however if the international tournament is cancelled, the 4 players will only be eligible for the same reward as players 5-8, which is qualification for funding towards Open darts events of their choice, at a level to be determined by the Committee. Should other events that we might get funding for, such as the World Masters resume, then specific qualifying competitions will be played.

CONSENSUS PROPOSAL 2 – Proposed by Darren Olivero Sr 2nd by Helen Olivero.

That the Tournament Rules revert to the standard procedure universally followed in all sports including Darts regarding BYES. No extra points to be awarded for a position gained via a BYE unless the player has won at least one match.

CONSENSUS PROPOSAL 3 – Proposed by Dylan Duo Sr 2nd by David Francis.

Amendment to GDA Cup Rules: for all cup matches to be played at the George Federico darts hall.

CONSENSUS PROPOSAL 4 – Proposed by Justin Broton 2nd by Dyson Parody.

In regards to Tournament Rule No. 14.2 a player who is abroad participating in WDF Recognised Tournaments shall be credited an attendance.

CONSENSUS PROPOSAL 5 – Proposed by Justin Hewitt 2nd by Daryl Vassallo.

Adopt a rolling system of seeds, e.g. as per the current Ranking Positions at each tournament rather than using the same seeds all year.

8. Any other business



All players and visitors will conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship, fair play and show respect for the game, players, sponsors, visitors & the Committee.

The GDA reserves the right to discipline players who violate the Code of Conduct, the integrity of the game or fair play as deemed necessary, as per the GDA Constitution.

It is expected that all players and visitors will avoid discrimination,cheating, violence, threats, and any other action that might harm another person. Playing in or attending any match ortournament under the auspices of the GDA shall be construed as understanding and agreement with this code of conduct and all GDA rules.

All GDA members by virtue of their membership agree to the following;

• You agree to adhere to the rules of the GDA and this Code of Conduct
• You agree to abide by the rules of the hosting venue while in attendance there.
• You agree not to commit any inappropriate sexual behaviour or behaviour that violates the rights of others.
• You agree not to be disrespectful regarding a person’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or appearance.
• You agree not to harass or bully anyone or create a hostile environment.
• You agree to dress appropriately for the venue/event at which you are attending.
• You agree not to use any Social Media platform or Public Forum in a manner that may reasonably be considered to injure or discredit the GDA or any GDA member or to bring the game of darts into disrepute.

Right of admission is reserved. GDA Committee members are authorised to exclude any person engaging in violent, disruptive, intimidatory and / or threatening behaviour and require them to leave the venue.