Justin Hewitt claims the first GDA title at the new venue!

Winner Justin Hewitt & Runner Up Sean Negrette receiving the trophies from George Federico (GDA)

The recently inaugurated George Federico Darts Hall at the Europa Stadium hosted its first GDA tournament last night, namely the Clubhouse Charity Tournament.

This tournament follows a unique format in our calendar – double in, double out, best of 3 legs. This means no score counts until you hit a double.

36 players turned up to take part along with family members to cheer them on which made for a lively evening. Play soon commenced on 8 boards with some top players losing out early on with this tricky format.

The quarter finals all turned out to be close matches with high scoring leaving the semi-final line up as follows

David Francis V Sean Negrette
Justin Hewitt V Jeremy Cruz

Both semis were played on the Main Stage with Alex Nuñez acting as MC. Sean was able to keep ahead of David taking the match 2-0. Justin was able to get the better of Jeremy also securing his spot in the final with a 2-0 win.


Justin won the throw for the Bull, which in a “best of 3” is very important. However he was unable to hit the crucial double in his first visit. Fortunately for him Sean also missed doubles, leaving Justin to start the scoring in fine fashion with a D20 followed by 2 x T20’s – 160! Sean took another turn before starting his scoring, hitting a maximum 180 on his 4th turn. It was not enough as Justin took out D7 to take the 1st leg.

The 2nd leg saw Sean hitting D20 in his first turn and pulling out a lead, while Justin only managed to commence scoring on his 3rd visit. Both players scored well and it was Justin who threw for his double first, missing 2 x D20 for the match. Sean calmly took out D15 with his first dart setting up an equalising leg.

The decider started nervously with Justin needing 5 visits to the board before scoring, and Sean needing 4. Scoring was solid after this ending with a very on form Justin Hewitt checking out on D20 and winning the match. Two tournaments into the Season and 2 wins under his belt – a great start to the season.

Preliminary Round
George Ramos 2-1 Julian Teuma
Carlos Muñoz 2-0 Justin Broton
Dayle Ramirez 2-1 Francis Remorino
George Federico 2-0 Darren Olivero

Last 32
David Francis 2-0 George Ramos
Roy Asquez 2-0 Keith Medhurst
Carlos Muñoz 2-1 Dylan Duo
Justin Ghio 2-0 Christian Tosso
Sean Negrette 2-0 Dayle Ramirez
Jarvis Bautista 2-0 Luie Gaiviso
George Federico 2-0 Chris Dalli
Shaine Israel 2-1 Denis Sheehan
Justin Stagno 2-0 Mark Hickman
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Joseph Sanchez
Takashi Shimidzu 2-1 Adam Roche
Dylan Duo Jnr 2-0 Nicholas Cumbo
Kevin O’Callaghan 2-0 Michael Birkett
Jeremy Cruz 2-0 Harry Parody
John Remorino 2-0 Ibon Pachecho
Dyson Parody 2-0 Kean Olivero

Last 16
David Francis 2-0 Roy Asquez
Justin Ghio 2-0 Carlos Muñoz
Sean Negrette 2-0 Jarvis Bautista
George Federico 2-0 Shaine Israel
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Justin Stagno
Takashi Shimidzu 2-1 Dylan Duo Dnr
Jeremy Cruz 2-1 Kevin O’Callaghan
Dyson Parody 2-0 John Remorino

David Francis 2-1 Dyson Parody
Sean Negrette 2-1 Takashi Shimidzu
Justin Hewitt 2-1 George Federico
Jeremy Cruz 2-0 Justin Ghio

Sean Negrette 2-0 David Francis
Justin Hewitt 2-0 Jeremy Cruz

Justin Hewitt 2-1 Sean Negrette

Sean Negrette x 2, Dyson Parody, Roy Asquez x 1

High Finish’s
Dyson Parody 124, Kevin O’Callaghan 106, David Francis 104

With entry fees and donations £130 will be donated to Clubhouse.

Congratulations to Justin Hewitt, commiserations to Sean Negrette!