Sean Negrette claims the 2019 Strongbow Singles Ranking title!

Roy Asquez (Runner-Up) & Sean Negrette (Winner)

Friday 15th November saw the first Ranking Tournament of the Darts Season take place in the George Federico Darts Hall.

This event is sponsored by Strongbow Cider. The GDA holds a series of 7 Ranking Tournaments throughout the year, points being awarded depending on positions. At the end of the Season the top players earn the opportunity to represent Gibraltar at international events such as the WDF World / European Cups & Mediterranean Cup.

The initial rounds of this seeded tournament are played as best of 7 legs.

No.1 seed Dyson Parody lost 4-2 to Dylan Duo, No.3 seed David Francis lost 4-1 to Carlos Muñoz and No.5 seed Christian Tosso lost 4-2 to Kean Olivero.

Some very tight matches followed leaving the quarter final line up as follows;

Dylan Duo 4-3 Justin Broton
Roy Asquez 4-1 Kean Olivero
Justin Hewitt 4-1 George Ramos
Sean Negrette 4-3 Antony Lopez


Roy Asquez gave an impressive performance against Dylan Duo winning the match 5-1.
Sean Negrette had a much tougher contest versus on form Justin Hewitt and was able to secure the victory 5-4.


Sean Negrette V Roy Asquez

Sean won the bull throw and both players started scoring strongly including a maximum 180 from Sean. It was Roy who won the leg with a D20 after Sean had missed the same target. They traded legs until the 5th which saw both players miss multiple out-shots with Sean eventually hitting D2. Sean then eked out a small lead to make 4-2. Roy revived and took the next leg, but from then on Sean pulled ahead, scoring another maximum 180 along the way. He sealed the victory with a D16 on the 3rd attempt – final score 6-3.

Antony Lopez x 5
Sean Negrette x 4

Justin Hewitt x2
George Ramos, Daryl Vassallo, Jeremy Cruz, Tony Dawkins, Charles Borastero, Dylan Duo Sr x 1

High Finishes
Tony Dawkins 122
Shaine Israel 109

Congratulations to Sean Negrette, commiserations to Roy Asquez!

Preliminary Round
Francis Remorino 4-1 Maxi Broton
Shaine Israel 4-3 Jayce Asquez
George Ramos 4-1 Denis Sheehan
Daryl Vassalo 4-1 George Federico
Richard Lavagna 4-3 Dylan Duo Jnr
Jeremy Cruz 4-2 Guillermo Mascharenas

Last 32 
Dylan Duo 4-2 Dyson Parody
Adam Roche 4-1 Francis Remorino
Antony Lopez 4-0 Adam Orfila
Jarvis Bautista 4-1 Shaine Isreal
Carlos Muñoz 4-1 David Francis
George Ramos 4-0 Harry Parody
Roy Asquez 4-2 Charlie Borastero
Daryl Vassalo 4-0 Kevin Periera
Kean Olivero 4-2 Christian Tosso
Richard Lavagna 4-1 Isven Efigenio
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Keith Medhurst
Jeremy Cruz 4-1 Johnny Remorino
Sean Negrette 4-1 Takashi Shimidzu
Dayle Ramirez 4-1 Karl Mena
Justin Broton 4-0 Joseph Sanchez
Tony Dawkins 4-0 Darren Olivero

Last 16
Dylan Duo 4-0 Adam Roche
Justin Broton 4-3 Tony Dawkins
Roy Asquez 4-2 Daryl Vassalo
Kean Olivero 4-1 Richard Lavagna
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Jeremy Cruz
George Ramos 4-3 Carlos Muñoz
Sean Negrette 4-2 Dayle Ramirez
Antony Lopez 4-2 Jarvis Bautista

Dylan Duo 4-3 Justin Broton
Roy Asquez 4-1 Kean Olivero
Justin Hewitt 4-1 George Ramos
Sean Negrette 4-3 Antony Lopez

Roy Asquez 5-1 Dylan Duo
Sean Negrette 5-4 Justin Hewitt

Sean Negrette 6-3 Roy Asquez

Ranking Positions after one event out of 7 played.